Jus in Bello Con 2017 – Cabin Gay Porn and The Red Jacket

HiltonI swear this is not a fan fiction. I’m still sharing the stories from my JIBCON saga.

Sorry for the long delay, I just borrowed Uncharted 4 from my friend, and decided to spend my weekend playing it instead. Anywho, let’s continue the story from Jus in Bello Con day 2. Yeah, it’s still the second day, and there were a lot going on in this full day (we only have half day on Friday).

On the previous post, I told you about how Jared slipped about Castiel’s fate in season 13, and Jensen tried to save him from the shame. So the panel continued with the boys sharing stories about their work and how they enjoyed their lives and work and so on. Until there was one person giving out question to them in such an odd accent.

We knew.
There was only one person who would ask Jensen and Jared with a weird accent.

Jared asked the mysterious person where he was from, and this person replied, “I’m from India-Russia, with a bit of Iranian, German, South African and Greek.” Jensen couldn’t control his giggle when this person talked, he really got a kink for accent hat boy.

Yup, the India-Russian person was our Dmitri.



DATgFRJW0AQ_V7vAdorable thing happened as Misha walked to the stage.
Seconds before Misha was up on stage, Jensen joked about how he was happy with Castiel’s death, and apparently he didn’t realised Misha was already on the side of the stage. Then when Misha stepped on, he went to Jared for a hug while Jensen quickly stood up from his chair and gave it to Misha to sat on, then he went for another chair. Here, I supposed Misha was a bit upset with Jensen’s previous comment, because he just walked past the chair Jensen prepared and sat on the new chair, looking straight to the audience. No hug for Jensen.  

The angel actor sat still until Jensen offered him a drink, that was when he finally turned and said something that made Jensen finished his drink, and pour another in his glass before handing it to Misha. Maybe there was something said between them during the last interaction, because Jensen looked more relaxed after that and Misha (finally?) smiled to him.

Now, Jensen, don’t be cruel to the angel actor.

For some reasons, Jared suddenly mentioned how Misha hired an AirBnB house near the set, for the last late night shooting days, and invited Jensen and Jared for a sleepover. Jensen mentioned that that night he checked, Jared was sleeping on the floor next to the bed Misha slept in, while he had a room for himself. Misha decided that this was a good time to say, “You needed the rest after what we’ve been through!”

J2M-stageAnd Jensen went sheepishly red, it was glorious!

The story went on how they wanted to celebrate the last days of shooting Season 12 by staying up late and drinking wine, or beer, or anything, then go to bed. Jensen, who slept on the other room down the hall of the house, was awaken in the wee hours of night. Of the sound of snoring. By Jared. It was so loud, Jensen thought both Jared and Misha brought in an animal into the house, and he wondered how did Misha stayed sleeping with that noise next to him.

Yes, Misha, how?

Story didn’t stopped there. The next morning, Jared decided that it was a good idea to answer the incoming house call, pretending that he was the owner of the house. Thankfully, Misha quickly noticed, so a little childish fight – and a broken glass – later, he managed to lined off the phone and went to pull the phone cord off the wall.

Only to realised that he left his laptop open in the mercy of one Jared Padalecki. Long story short, he ran back upstairs to the living room and as if in slow motion, he shouted “Noooooooo!” and grabbed his laptop back from Jared.

DAUv06XXgAArBO0While Jensen thought he just had the best morning coffee entertainment.

Later that day, after both Jensen and Jared had left for work, Misha still stayed in. Not only he wasn’t needed yet on set, but he also had to spend two hours to unsubscribe from a gay porn channel that Jared signed up to. Unsuccessfully, because Jared had set up a password that wasn’t known to Misha.

Those three are the men that I love and look up to.
And I’m proud of it.

Childish joke aside I really love the chemistry between the three of them off-set. They started out as friends, but now they were like brothers. Jensen clearly the oldest, even though Misha actually is. Well, honestly, with my dirty mind, I always pictured Jensen and Misha as this boyfriends couple, and Jared was Jensen’s cheeky little brother that Misha had to deal with everyday if he ever wanted the blessing. Probably not the best theory out there, but they really gave out that vibe.


Fantasizing aside, I’m glad that they – the three of them, their wives, and their children – are good friends.

After the story finished, Jensen and Jared walked off the stage and it was Misha’s turn. Misha’s panel was hilarious as always, but somehow I had this feeling that he wasn’t his usual self due to his tiredness. He tried to covered it with being smiley and friendly as always, but it was clearly shown.

Oh! Mon got to asked a question to Misha! Funny thing was Misha couldn’t understand her accent, so he got the question wrong! Mon was asking, according to Misha, how would Dean reacted if he found Cas crashing the Impala. Guess what Misha heard?

Yep, “How would Dean reacted if he found Cas CARESSING the Impala?”
As in … “How would Dean reacted if he found Cas was cheating with the Impala?”

All this time, I kept wondering how his beautiful brain worked. I never found the answer.

After Misha’s panel was finished, we went to autograph room to get autos from God Rob Benedict and David Haydn-Jones. As we were lining, we saw that David was in a suit, he was cosplaying as Arthur Ketch. Jesus, could this man be any cuter? He really loved his psychopath character in the show, it’s adorable!

Photo 10-05-2017, 4 24 17 pmDavid was as gorgeous as the day before and as friendly, his eyes really pierced into your soul, and his smile felt like home. He saw me when it was my turn and he flaunted that smile of his while saying “Hello!” to me excitedly, I returned the greeting and handed him the auto card. I asked him how was his first JIBCON so far (basically the first question I asked Adam on the first day, since it really was their first JIBCON), David replied by saying that he was enjoying it. Then came the time I showed him the drawing I made of Jedi!Ketch, which honestly was a last minute attempt to create something for him, since his announcement came late due to Timothy Omundson’s stroke attack.

So, the story behind my gift to him was I saw his post on Instagram where he claimed that he’s a Star Wars Fanboy. That was the idea of Jedi!Ketch came (which honestly it was actually Sith!Ketch, but hey). I had showed him the fanart on Twitter beforehand, and David responded saying that he loved it (and I flew to cloud nine).

When I handed him the fanart during auto session, I asked him, “Do you remember this fanart?” Then David’s eyes widened in recognition and his smile went wider, “Yeah! Jedi!Ketch! So you made this! Now I get to see you in the flesh! Thank you!” Yes, he talked with all those exclamation mark, it was so adorable. We ended up the chat with him giving me a high five.

Oh by the way, here’s a video of David dancing while wearing a pink tutu from JIBCON.

And here’s the auto card with Matt, Adam, and David’s autographs.


…….. If I got the chance to go to JIBCON again next year, I will have more preparation for autographs.

Auto-RobFor my gift to God Rob Benedict, I was had this anime-styled drawing of him and Richard Speight Jr. as a King card, for their show Kings of Con. They made a show based on their adventures on Supernatural conventions, the Pilot episode was available for free on YouTube, but unfortunately the season was not. Not even on Vimeo. Dang.

Photo 17-05-2017, 10 08 04 am

First I handed my fanart of him to Rob, and he, adorably, said “Wow, this is amazing. You made this?” I giggled and said, “Yes. Do you like it?” Rob replied and saying that he liked it, and he didn’t want to ruin the drawing, so he gave his sign on the lower part of the page.

Then I handed him the Kings of Con fanart, and I told him that it was intended for him and Richard, but since he couldn’t come, so I hope Rob could tell Richard so.

Rob took my drawing out from the envelope and his smile went brighter, “Wow, this is so cool! Thank you very much!” and I swear with blue eyes like his, he really was a good fit as Castiel’s Father, The Almighty.

After lunch we finally met our fate … Photo Op session with Misha Collins, Jensen Ackles and J2M.

Just as when standing in queue for Misha’s autograph session, my hands were cold way before I saw the man clearly. I could saw him while waiting for my turn, but mostly him behind the room separator or something like that. We had a while to discuss the pose, so the three of us were browsing Google Images, looking for a cute or even romantic pose to do with Misha. The queue moved quite fast, considering it was a photo op session, probably because there weren’t as much talk as the autograph session.

When Misha finally came to our sight, I could feel my heart rumbling again and I had a slight panic attack. I finally get to see him closer and more so-called private than before. I didn’t get much time to think, because suddenly it was my turn. I stepped in and – AMAZINGLY! – I remember to greet him. In Russian. I didn’t know why.

Although I wasn’t sure he heard it, since he was only smiling and looking at me with his gorgeous … gorgeous blue eyes. It took me a while to remember what to do next, but it only took a milisecond for Misha to ruined it again.

I saw him lifted both of his arms, and I also saw them swayed next to my shoulders while he was only standing inches before me. I remembered that I couldn’t move a muscle while he was doing this, even a brain muscle to process what he was doing. I was fixed to his eyes that were paying deep attention to what he was doing before having his to mine. It did came to my memory that during this moment I said to him, “You’re so tall.”
Nice, huh?

Misha  smiled when he pulled his hands off my shoulders, and at that moment I realised he was fixing my jacket’s – yes, the red jacket – collar. I heard Mon shouted, “MATIK LU, MOK!” (English: “Yer dead, gurl!”) from the queue.

Post-Misha01When Misha stepped back from my personal space, I pulled myself together to showed him the reference photo that I chose. Misha tilted his head a bit, then he pulled me to a hug and squished me. 

At that moment I was sure Misha could feel my heart drumming against his chest. His hug was warm and felt so safe. It felt so comfortable being in his arms, even only for a photo op.
It felt like home.

Then it was over. I felt him let go of me slowly and said “Thank you” before giving me another wink. That was the moment that I completely (almost) lost it. I took my bag and stepped out from the photo area and waited for Mon and Cicipo, and that was all I could manage. From there I couldn’t stand and dropped to the floor.

He was there.
The man that I looked up to, whose appearance in my favourite TV show was something I really look forward to each week. He had brought the character he was playing at in so many different layers, it reached a special place in my heart for Castiel. Not only for his acting, this man
 also always excited me on what he would do for his next charity plan, or even as simple what he and Random Acts would do on Sunday mornings at San Diego Comic-Con for people in line on Hall H.

He was the man who I really adored, both for his beauty as an actor and his beauty as a human being. And he was there, fixing my jacket, pulled me to a squishy hug for our photo op, and said thank you with a smile and winked at me after we finished.


That was the moment that I knew I have to work harder for next year’s JIBCON!
And I’m gonna keep this red jacket, even after I washed it.

After I calmed down, we went to the next photo op, Jensen Ackles.
Just as Misha’s, Jensen’s queue was making me nervous. Here I was, looking forward to take a photograph with the man who lured me to Supernatural, and fell more in love when I knew about his adorable relationship with his then-girlfriend, now wife, until now where he gave so much for the fandom, even when he was so shy and less, very much less outgoing than how he is today. And I’m so proud of him because of how he opened up himself and made himself more comfortable with people and public.

With him being more comfortable with fans, that was also what he did to us, fans. I remember being so nervous and had to control my slight anxiety before seeing him. But the moment I stepped on the spot in front of the camera and saw him smiled so sweetly, I felt a bit at ease.

Jensen greeted me, with his deep voice (he really owned a deep voice!), “Hello, how are you?” I returned the favour and said that I am well and asked him how was he doing. Jensen smiled and said that he was fine and asked, “So, what are we gonna do?”

I told him that I wanted a pose of us holding my Dean and Cas Pops while hugging, I even asked him which Pop he wanted to hold. Jensen took a look on both Pops on my hand, and seriously THINKING about it, before he decided, “I’ll hold Dean, then.” (well, Dean is your character, Jensen, it was odd you even had to think about it).

PO-JensenAfter Jensen took Dean, he pulled me closer and had me leaning on him. I placed my arm around him while having my Cas Pop up. I felt that there was something on top of my head, but that time I didn’t really gave a thought about it, probably Jensen’s hand with Dean Pop. While I was close to him, I could smell his perfume, it was so nice and …. expensive. When we were finished, Jensen returned my Dean Pop and smiled widely again while saying “Thank you”, I could see his beautiful crows feet on the corner of his eyes.

He really reminded me of my big brother that moment, and I knew my brother complex just gotten worse. Especially when I saw the result, that something on my head was Jensen’s head. Holy Hell!

The three of us took a short break to recover from meeting THE Misha Collins and THE Jensen Ackles, but we couldn’t linger too long, because next we know both Mon and I have to get ready for the Trio Photo Op. Yes, with the three of them, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Misha Collins.

Funny thing about the Trio Op, there was a note on the door before we stepped in that said, “Sorry girls, hugs only. We are running late!” Yeah, apparently the schedule on the afternoon part of the second day was a bit messed up and the schedule shifted around 20-30 minutes. Not really sure what happened, though, but everything seemed to worked smoothly although the schedule shifted. Here I really applauded Daniela and her team for making everything worked perfectly fine, even when it was considered a little bit out of hand.

Anyway, back to Trio Photo Op.

There was a look of recognition in Jensen and Misha’s eyes when they saw me – Jensen with a smile, and Misha was still tired. I almost didn’t see Jared. Not because I didn’t pay attention to him, but he was so FUDGIN’ TALL!! Jesus, that dude really was as tall as a moose! I think the top of my head was on his chest only! I didn’t have enough time to process anything, because the photographer had called us out to get ready for our photo op. All i remember was the three of them closing in on me and wrapped their arms around me, while I had my silly face on.


Such decision, yeah?


  • Jensen, Jared and Dmitri came from YouTube video by user Apromit
  • Misha as Dmitri came from Monica D Photography
  • Jensen, Jared, and Misha on stage came from Monica D Photography 
  • Me on the floor by Mon

Jus in Bello Con 2017 – Behind Blue Eyes

Very long post!

tumblr_n5lkcqQy7B1tpo4vro3_500Do you remember that cheesy scene in a romantic comedy, or a sitcom, where the main character would face the love of their life and the world suddenly go on a slow motion? Romantic enlightenment theme song as a background would be a bonus, eg. Mariah Carey’s Always Be My Baby.

Yeah, I know, I have to update my playlist.

That was what happened to us when we were lining up for Jared’s auto and caught a sight of Misha on the next table. We were completely distracted and captivated by Misha, we honestly forgotten about Jared for a moment. If there were Jared’s hardcore fangirl, they probably would have had kicked us out from the queue to the next one, since we were obviously facing Misha’s table, foolishly in awe of his irresistible and divine attraction.
Forgive us, Jared.

It wasn’t until Jared’s handler came to us and asked for our ID – that had the names of guests that we could get autos from – to cross over Jared’s name, so we couldn’t get sneaky and asked for another one, I finally turned my eyes away from Misha, and preparing myself to meet the tall man before us. Well, he was sitting, but still he was huge!

Auto-JaredThe Moose greeted me with wide smile and bright eyes, and exactly like what people said, he really resembles an oversize puppy. He was all happy faces, although I could see that he was a little bit jet-lagged, being just flew from United States the day before.

I showed Jared the drawing I had made for him to sign. Apparently my creation really caught him off guard, because next thing he asked was, “Oh my God, where did you find thi-Did you made this? Oh my God, this is fantastic!” (yes, I put it there for my own personal ego boost)

I giggled stupidly at his reaction and told him that I did made that. Jared was still gaping and finally he smiled and told me that he loved it before giving his signature. Later I showed the drawing of him and Genevieve at their wedding that I had made as gift, and told him that I hope he and Gen like it. Again, he really got caught off guard at that.

Photo 13-03-2017, 1 48 31 pmHe took the drawing out from the envelope I had prepared to take a better look at it for few seconds before finally said, “This is beautiful, thank you so much. Gen would love this. Thank you.”

Again, I was completely in awe that he was so humbled receiving the gift handed to him, and there was no hint of stardom (besides being on the other side of the convention than us, attendees). I think he did something to me, either he held my hand or hugged me, I honestly forgot since I wasn’t back yet from cloud nine when he complimented my drawing.

Floating so high, I was entirely forgotten to congratulate him about his new baby girl, Odette, I felt like banging my head to the wall.

Fudge you, nervousness! WHY?!

Once again, we became quite a show when walking out from Jared’s session with blushing faces and giggling uncontrollably. And that was Jared. Not that I don’t love him, I do, but I was more of a Jensen and Misha-fangirl.

Next, Misha.

We scooted to the next line, queuing for Misha’s auto. Throughout the line I tried to compose myself, at least for him I want to create a more intelligent conversation, and if I could, I would also wanted him to write Castiel’s quote from one of my favourite episodes in Season 12, so I can make a tattoo out of it. My hands were cold at the moment I joined the queue, and my heart started palpitating violently, I believe both Mon and Cicipo could hear it.

DAniq6VWsAAkS0sThis is Misha Collins.

The man I’ve been in love with for the past few years, and completely head over heels when I tried to affirm a major heartbreak, back in the late of 2014. I re-discovered about him and his Random Acts activities, how accepting he is towards people who are different than him in every aspect (except Donald Trump), and how beautiful he actually is inside out as a person. And I just couldn’t help to fall in love all over again with him.

That day would be the first time I met him.

Mon and Cicipo put me in between them, so I could have longer time to collect myself, and when anything happened, Mon could catch me. Or something like that, I wasn’t planning to faint or anything, anyway. The moments were too precious to miss.

Misha’s handler, just as did Jared’s, asked us what we would like him to sign and if we had any gifts, they would be inspected first before given to him. Then before I realised it, I was standing next to Cicipo who was already standing in front of Misha, telling him about her newborn that she named Castielle. When Misha was finished with Cicipo, Misha had his eyes on me and time stopped.

I didn’t know if I was actually frozen on my spot or anything, but I found a time to study his face. He looked a bit exhausted, which was understandable being in Birmingham for UK convention the week before and in Iceland for joining the winners of GISHWHES, his annual Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen, before finally flew to Rome. Three countries in a week, no wonder he was a bit worn out. But even so, those big blue pearly eyes of his were very friendly, and his lips made a smile to me before he mouthed a small, “Hi”.

That was the moment I felt my face burnt.
Right in front of him.

And my well-rehearsed intelligent conversation just flew out of the window.

I returned his “Hi” with “Hello, how are you?”, and he replied with, “I’m good. Thanks,” then continued with, “Oh, are you two sisters?” while pointing to both Cicipo and I.

Auto-MishaYep, both Cicipo and I had similar short hairs, with different colours though, and we were both Asians. He was the second person who said that to us that day. Both Cicipo and I replied that we weren’t related, then I handed Misha my drawing for him to sign, and dear God, how those big blue eyes widened and he said something that started with “Wow” and ended with “Amazing”. I lost whatever he said in between, he was just too beautiful to look at.

After I had my sketchbook back, I told him that I made something for him, a drawing of his children, West and Maison. Again, his eyes widened when he lifted the drawing and take a better look at it for a few seconds, before finally turning back at me with his wide smile and said a compliment with a thank you.

I remember Misha and I were involved in a short conversation, but I didn’t remember the topic. I was trying so hard to focus on him and responding correctly to what he was talking about. I do remember that he was asking if the three of us (yep, suddenly Misha had three Asian girls ganged up in front of him) were from Indonesia (apparently Cicipo had told him where we were from). And Mon, who suddenly had stood next to me asked Misha, “Have you ever been to Indonesia, Misha?” and he replied, “Yeah, I would love to!”

Photo 12-02-2017, 4 09 40 amThen Mon asked Misha, “Have you seen her tattoo?” while pointing to my arm, and Misha said, “No,” while moving forward to look to my arm. I pulled my shirt’s sleeve and revealed my tattoo, and again his eyes widened. Dear Lord, what I would do for him to have that look on his face more often. He looked at me with a smile and said, “Wow, that was amazing! Cool!”

Then we were ushered to move by the handler. When I waved and said “Bye” to him, Misha returned it. With a smile and a wink.

Sweet Baby Jesus in a manger!
Misha Collins just winked at me!

I felt my brain suddenly had a quick electroshock, and all I could return to Misha was a grin while walking backwards. Then I, and both of my friends, made a fast beeline to the panel room with a collective squee.

Right, so panels.

To be really honest we weren’t being quite fair to the other guests at this JIBCON. We didn’t watched much of other people’s, apart from Jensen, Jared, Misha, David’s panels. We were busy going here and there, queuing for photo ops and auto sessions and when we returned to the panel room, we only watched either the first half or second half. But we could still enjoyed them.

The panel we were watching that day was Jensen and Jared’s panel.
Those were the boys that I used to watch on the telly for twelve years. From the day I watched it with my big brother back in Adelaide, Australia, on its first season, until the day before, when Mon, Cicipo, and I were collectively upset over the Season 12 finale!

And that afternoon, I was going to watch the two boys live. On the stage in front of me, in the same room.
I could never thank The Almighty enough …


Panel was great and what strike me the most was how brotherly Jensen and Jared were. It was clearly shown that Jensen really care for Jared as his cheeky little brother, and Jared admired Jensen as his big brother. God, they were lovely! Especially when they talked about their wives and families!

Then the topic turned to the finale. It was really obvious that the mood in the room was brooding when Jensen and Jared started to talk about the finale. Clearly, they wished it was different.

How it really affected many people in the fandom due to the death tolls, including our favourite angel, Castiel, and the King of Hell, Crowley. It was not something we didn’t foresee to be really honest, but we didn’t expect it to happen this soon! Especially with Supernatural being one of the biggest fandom in the world, and the show apparently is being watched by two of America’s biggest political parties, Democrats and Republicans.

Some of us were really upset about the finale, we had send messages to the current showrunner and writers, expecting Misha to be back on set for Season 13, or they will lose many, MANY fans of the show. Okay, some of us – including yours truly – was quite threatening.

Until Jared started talking about the upcoming Scooby-Doo/Supernatural crossover for Season 13 (yep, for some of you who didn’t follow the series, they will be in their THIRTEENTH year starting this Fall). My little fangirl heart started to warmed up when Jared mention that Jensen, Misha, and him had recorded the audio for Scooby-Doo at Bryan Adams’ music studio in Vancouver.

Oh my God!

Supernatural recorded an episode at Bryan Adams’ music studi-WAIT WHAT?!
Jared, MISHA, and Jensen? For the Scooby-Doo episode?!

18645106_1557484657618044_899997421780598784_nYes, ladies and gentlemen … the great Jared Padalecki just slipped out an UPCOMING SPOILER about Season 13!!

The room went wild, everybody cheered (except some Misha/Cas haters who were there as well)! Suddenly the room lightened up, and down in front Jared looked so confused while Jensen was face-palming. The Moose turned to Jensen asking what happened, Jensen only said a word, “Misha”, then it hit Jared that he screwed up!

You can watch the hilarity here.


A big brother he was, Jensen jumped in saying that the episode will also have the characters that used to be in Supernatural before, but didn’t anymore. When Jared mentioned the names we had in Season 12 only, from the boys’ mother to the British Men of Letters, Jensen even mentioned Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Nice try, Jensen.

Oh my God!
We gonna have animated Castiel next season?


  • Dean meeting “Steve” Cas came from https://telltale.com
  • Misha at JIBCON from Monica D Photography
  • Jensen and Jared at JIBCON from Monica D Photography and https://topsy.one
  • Winking Jensen from S Verasani Photo

Jus in Bello Con 2017 – Moose, Squirrel, and Huggy Bear

PackageBefore I started the post, I would like to admit that I couldn’t write the last two days of JIBCON in shorter posts since there were so many things happened. I had made a draft on my Google Docs, and I had spent almost four pages there only for what happened on that beautiful Saturday before lunch break.

Yep, I’m that kind of person who didn’t know when to stop when they write, be it blogs, article, or even for work. Yikes.

So I had decided to divide the posts of second and third days into two, or three, series of posts. Thank you for bearing with these really, really, really, really, ridiculously long posts about my fangirling weekend.

On our second day of JIBCON, I truly felt that there was more excitement in the air, more vibes. As we walked past the receptionist, it dawned on me. Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Misha Collins will be in the same place as us. Breathing the same air. What we didn’t knew, how soon it would be for us to saw them. Well, two of them, Jensen and Jared.

As we went to the convention area, I got separated with Mon and Cicipo due to a small broken glass incident at the lobby. Both of my friends managed to get through and I was stopped by the security. Out of good will, though, he warned me about what happened and advised me not to go yet. But, when I told him that he just let my friends passed, he nodded and pointed that I should take the right side of the alley to avoid anything harmful to happen.

5aeb077b6b527b2660c01a19cf7bd5b7When I was looking for Mon and Cicipo, it took me a while to realised that all eyes were set on my direction. People were crowding and lining up, creating a human wall along the alley. So many eyes and so many noises of them talking excitedly to each other. It dazzled me for a while, until I heard someone said to me, “You shouldn’t be there, come here.”

I honestly didn’t remember who that was, but I found an small open space and I stood there, joining the crowd, still wondering what was going on.
Then it happened.

Jensen Ackles walked by.
Followed by Jared Padalecki.

They were real.
Tall, slender, tanned, and devastatingly handsome. Both of them.

I thanked my brain for having whatever it left when I saw them, and send a command to my hands to have my phone camera ready. And blindly snapped some photos.


I knew the girls around me were cheering happily, and they were calling both men’s names, but it was blocked out from my senses, except sight. It was like a slow motion moment, when you usually saw them through your screen and now they were there, merely feet away from you. It was surreal and absolute at the same time, even my eyes didn’t dare to blink, until they went disappeared behind a green door, that supposed to be their Green Room.

IMG_3369It took me a while after they were out of our sights, to came back to Earth and continue looking for Mon and Cicipo. When we found each other, the three of us went to an unintelligent squeeing and babbling. We were quite sure, the three of us were very conspicuous. There we were, three Asian girls, with large backpacks (one of them was orange), all giggly and light screaming non-stop. But we knew that this was it. This was what we worked hard for for the past year, as shallow as it sounded.

From here, I honestly couldn’t remember where did we go. Probably went finding somewhere to sat and calm ourselves. Next thing that came to my memory was standing in line for Jared’s autograph along with so many other participants. There were two other guests there besides Jared, but I didn’t get to see the cards, the schedule in my hands showed that Misha will also be there to give his auto, though. It would be either next to Jared or on the further seat.

Mon and I were talking of what would we tell Jared if ever we got up to front and face to face with him. I didn’t quite remember what we were talking about from there, but I did remember the corner of my eyes caught a figure sitting next to Jared’s table.

I could feel my heart made a violent jolt that send electricity through my spine.

File 07-06-2017, 3 56 01 amMisha. Fucking. Collins.
In the flesh.

He was there, just a few feet from us, smiling and signing things people brought to him.

Oh my God, he looked even more beautifully sculpted in life! His blue eyes shone brightly and that smile of his could lightened up the whole neighbourhood.

They were true.
They were all true.

Those fan fictions I read about Castiel and Misha Collins, they were correct about his eyes.
They were even better in real.

He was exquisitely breathtaking and I felt so very lucky and blessed that I could stand there and witnessed them.

While at the same time, I knew I would be all timid by the time I get to go one-on-one with the phenomenal Misha Collins later.


  • We were not allowed to take photos in the autograph room, but that photo by Monica D Photography was how Misha looked like then. With his Pak Haji look. 

Jus in Bello Con 2017 – So It Begins …

ID TagThe convention story started here.
Next few posts might be long and image heavy.

There are loads of drama happened even before the trip started, for example the very first payment we have to send happened to fall on Eid holiday, where almost all banks are closed. For a week. Yup, it happened here last year. Luckily the con’s organizer, Daniela Chiusa, and her staffs were very understanding. I sent them an e-mail explaining the situation on hand that time, and told them that we will try to find another possible way to send the money to them. Daniela replied saying that just let them know, they will help to think of another way. From here, I know that Jus In Bello Convention is in terrific hands.

Lounge.WMA year and loads of payments – con thingies, Schengen visa, flight and hotels – later, the three of us – Mon, Cicipo, and myself – were ready to go.

Cicipo took different flight from Mon and I, so she missed out on the first part of Mon’s drama rama. She lost her phone during our transfer flight from Schipol to Fiumicino.


“I think I lost my phone. Is it because I kept saying that I might need a new Samsung S8?”
~ Mon’s logic

Unfortunately (fortunately?) for her, she wouldn’t have to spend spectacular amount of cash for a new phone, since she found her phone deep inside that black hole of a backpack of hers. So, we gathered at the luggage conveyor belt number 15 at Fiumicino Airport. Odd spot to assemble, I know, but our flights were just one hour apart, and all of our luggage will be showing up at that particular belt. After our luggage were all collected, we went for a quick lunch at a place called Maison cafe (just because it’s the name of Misha’s daughter), and had a little shock learning the price of local SIM Card, then we took the shuttle to our first hotel, Amelindo Residence

tattOh, funny and amazing – for us, at least – thing happened while we were looking for any signage that will lead us to the direction to the convention venue, Hilton Rome Airport. We were going around from one terminal to another, dragging our luggage behind us, I also have my trench coat (for cosplay purposes, of course!) and my Castiel plushie. Suddenly there was a man pointed to my arm with a question, “I’m sorry, but is that Castiel?”

Holy Chuck!
Someone noticed my tattoo!
Surely enough, the German gentleman was there to attend the convention, and he showed us where the venue is and how to get there. The four of us got involved in a quick conversation about how the convention would go, apparently he was a regular at JIBCON. He also mentioned that it was a great experience to meet fellow Supernatural fans. The chat had to stopped, because he was on his way to get some lunch, when he spotted us.

It was an interesting moment for the three of us, how we and other fans would come from different places in the world and gathered at that very spot in Rome, because of the love of one thing, Supernatural.


Anyway, Fiumicino is beautiful, a small town by the beach and …. Looked a lot like somewhere in Central/East Java, which is adorable! And the weather is beautiful for early summer, I love it a lot. It was warm when we arrived and as the sun set, the weather turned a bit cool. Perfect.

The hotel we were staying in? It was very lovely. The staff were friendly and helpful, even they didn’t speak much of English, and the room had gorgeous view. The three of us cleaned up (after 24+ hours shower-free), then set up the gift bag we want to give to the boys. After the sun set, we went to the pizzeria across the road to have dinner. A very big dinner.

True that Indonesians won’t say that they have had a proper meal until they have rice. We already had a panini at the airport for a very late lunch, but few hours later we were starving. And ordered this.


Pop!Destiel for scale.

We finished the pizza in less than an hour, though. And brought three slices back to the hotel, for breakfast. After a long haul flight – thirteen hours – and sitting between two quite large people who kept invading your personal space, laying down horizontally on a comfy bed felt really blissful.

jib2016_jib7_closing01_500On the next day, we went to the venue to get our convention pack, and when we received it … it finally hit us. We actually were in Rome for a Supernatural Convention! The event that we only watched on YouTube for months, enjoyed the energy and excitement through small screens, this year we became a part of it.

We also got to see those beautiful and lovely people in life.

The con didn’t start until later, though. So after we got our pack, we went back to the FCO. To watch the season finale. In the waiting room.

12-23-au-luci-casJust as other Supernatural finales, this one offered a shock value. A MAJOR shock value. Unfortunately it was poorly written and … well, I shall rant on another post. Preferably before their panel on SDCC. We were really upset towards the finale that we decided to have something decent to have for lunch, then checked in at our hotel and return for the first day of con.

Due to a slow receptionist staff at Hilton Garden Inn, we were late to the Opening and first panel. Grrr.

But as soon as we sat down, adrenaline came rushing. Adam Fergus, Briana Bruckmaster, Matt Cohen, Jason Manns, and Reeve Carney (THE Dorian Gray from Penny Dreadful, as guest star at JIBCON) came and go and had us entertained with hillarious stories and songs. They are spectacular! It was clearly shown they really enjoyed themselves up there. Good vibes were flowing all around the room, it gave a particular good feeling of high.


We slipped out for a jiffy during one of the panels to get in line for our first photo op session, David Haydn-Jones. David’s British Men of Letters’ character, Mr. Arthur Ketch, was one of those who was planned only for three episodes. Like Castiel. But the acceptance from fans was huge, the writers kept having him over and over on the show. Until he met his fate just before the finale.

Personally, I found Ketch interesting. Yes, he was a psychopath and yet there was something interesting about him. I was looking forward to have a backstory to Arthur Ketch. Unfortunately, Andrew Dabb and the higher powers of Supernatural, didn’t seem to agree. Ketch died without us know nothing about his past.

Outside of his role, I was completely surprised to learn that David was “Half British, half American, and all around Canadian”. He didn’t even have British accent outside the show! And he was the one-hundred-eighty of Ketch! What sorcery is this? I fell even more in love with him after several interactions on Twitter and Instagram. He was really friendly and lovely.

PO-DHJ01And when I first met him for the photo op, oh my God … he was even better. He had this giddy energy that resembled an Energizer Bunny! He was slightly hopping when i stepped in front of him to take a photo. He was smiling so wide and that was that. I was smitten.

All I could manage was asking him which Pop he would like to hold for our photo. He took Cas (I think he had a thing for Castiel, based on his tweets) and then we posed. After my session was over, he smiled and said thank you, and I didn’t think my feet was on the ground when I walked out.

Both Mon and I had to collected ourselves for few minutes before we could walk to the autograph area. We still couldn’t believe that the man that we used to squee during our daily conversation on messengers and Twitter was right in front of as, had his arms around us and smiled cheekily to us.


Is this real life?
Or is this just fantasy?

We couldn’t stay fantasizing long, though, autographs session was waiting for us. Matt and Adam’s. Oh, beforehand, I won’t show their autos here, yet, because it was on the same card as David’s, and I met David on the next day. So, yeah, I’ll show the auto card on the next post.

Photo 23-04-2017, 2 29 54 amThe line in the autograph room was moving quite fast and neat (considering we usually caught up with ugly cases of queuing back home), and when we reached our first Supernatural actors’ encounter, Matt Cohen … oh how I was starstruck.

One thing that made me excited about meeting Matt was the fact that he shared the same birthday as me, he was a year older though. I even planned a birthday themed photo op with him.

When I finally stood face to face to him … oh my Lord, he was so beautiful, and really sweet! I showed him the gift i made, a drawing of his son Macklin, and he was completely taken aback, and had his BEAUTIFUL blue eyes and smile wider.

“Oh my God, did you made this? This is beautiful, thank you so much!”

I knew I was hopelessly blushing when he said that, and all i managed to say was, “Thank you. Can I shake your hand?”


Next, Adam Fergus.

Adam graced the show just recently, on Season 12, and it was brief. But his energy on the show was fantastic. He was also a very fun bloke up on stage. Unfortunately he was a late addition to the con, due to a cancellation of Richard Speight Jr. (Gabriel/The Trickster), so I didn’t get a chance to make him anything. When I handed him the autograph card, I asked him how was his first JIB so far. Adam enthusiastically replied that it was amazing, then I told him that it was my first JIBCON as well. He then asked where I was from, I told him that we flew all the way from Indonesia, and he seemed surprised and at the same time excited to know. Then he wrote “Ciao Bella” before giving his sign and he gave me a hug.

God bless the Casting Director of Supernatural.

One thing that really tickled my mind was … both Matt and Adam had magnificent blue eyes, and they were strikingly beautiful.


What would Misha’s eyes looked like in life?
How would I react to those eyes tomorrow?


Jus in Bello Con 2017 – Pop the Cherry!

supernatural-season-12-netflix-release-770x433Some of you, who (unfortunately?) happened to be listed on my social media friend list – Twitter, Facebook, Path, mostly – would probably know by now that I have this little obsession over a particular cult television show called Supernatural.

I’ve been following the drama! adventures of the Winchester brothers since the day they were looking for their Dad who went on a hunting trip and hasn’t been home in a few days, went through Hell, Heaven, and everything in between, with the family they found along the journey. Until recently, when Lucifer’s nephilim opened a portal to an alternate universe and Daddy Hell took the brothers’ recently-resurrected-from-dead Mother to said universe.

Yeah, pretty fudged up story line, I know. But, I guess that was what attracted me to this show. They dared to broke the walls, including the fourth wall.


Well, long story short, just like a long term relationship, my love for the show – and especially the cast – blossomed beautifully …. and at the same time also full of angst. They were like good friends who always managed to cheer me up during one of my hardest times few years ago, and that was how I discovered about Supernatural Conventions.


Yeah, that one’s from an episode, believe it or not. Here’s an actual convention photo of the cast from a convention in England, Asylum.


It was basically an event where Supernatural fans gathered and interact with each other … and (some of) the cast. People could watch the panels where they would happily discuss about the show and everything related, and if we were lucky they would share a bit about their life outside work. Apart from that, fans could also get autographs and have their photos taken with their chosen cast.

It. Was. Incredible.

Anyway, enough backstory, let the adventure begins!


On the next post.


[Review.Film.2017] Beauty and the Beast

15039604_1408397595845793_8833883194110677407_oMa chere Mademoiselle, it is with deepest pride
and greatest pleasure that we welcome you tonight.
And now we invite you to relax, let us pull up a
chair as the dining room proudly present …

Yes, it’s finally here, and i was one entertained guest.

Beauty and the Beast was stellar! Brilliantly casted, beautiful cinematography, and as cherry on top … a whole story.

Many of you surely is familiar with the animated Disney version, and probably was excited when the first trailer came up and it delivered beautiful come-to-life scenes of the animation.

The film is so much more than that.

It opened with the story of Prince Adam (Dan Stevens) and the Enchantress. It gave more detail and common sense over why the spell was cast. Although, I still stood over my suspicion that the Enchantress was just one disturbed bitch. Come one, what did Chip and the dog got anything to do with Prince Adam’s action? Madness. She’s no better than the Queen Mother from Snow White.


The little provincial town was exciting, there were even so much more happening. And the choreography during Belle was very dynamic and gorgeous.

Enter Gaston.

gastonLuke Evans was fudgin’ gorgeous! It’s really fascinating that he put depth into Gaston’s character. Yes, he was still a chauvinist, narcissist, and – dare I say? – dumb. But here we know what made him like so. Even the transformation of him from this village buffoon to a vengeful monster … Luke showed an amazing performance.

And when he sang, and dance in the tavern … damn, i forgot i supposed to hate this Gaston character.


Not only Gaston, almost all characters in this version were given backstories. We will found out more about them. And they all makes sense.

Even for the furniture, the castle’s staff.

Why they kept on by Beast’s side, even though they were cursed due to his action.

lumiere-800x400Ewan McGregor and Sir Ian McKellen were wonderful as the duo Lumiere and Cogsworth. Lumiere was as playful and happy-go-lucky throughout the film and Cogsworth was the adorable grandpapa of the staff. Emma Thompson also delivered a lovely performance as Mrs. Potts. And for the ballroom scene? Yes, she was no Angela Lansbury, no one could ever came close to her version of Beauty and the Beast. But Emma Thompson owned the song! It almost brought me to tears to watch Belle and Beast danced gracefully to the song.


Kudos for you, Ms. Thompson!

beauty-and-the-beast-post4And the castle … holy Chuck, the castle was beautiful! Yes, it was more eerie than the older version, but it was just what a cursed castle would look like. Although I did missed the cheeky armoury, but they delivered beautiful sights of the castle. The towers are majestic and gorgeous!

The new film also recycled old lines, with additions here and there to make the story flow well. One of few things that tickled me was the movement from one scene to another. At times they were gorgeous, but on another it was a bit rough.

landscape-1485834373-emmaAnother was Emma Watson. Yes, she was a beautiful Belle, with a natural beauty. Less make-up and looked … so gorgeous. Everyday gorgeous. Her look truly have got no parallel in this film. It was really pleasant to saw her in that iconic yellow dress. Danced beautifully with Beast in the ballroom. But, somehow she looked more passive than the original Belle.

Not for the whole film, though. She was gorgeous and lively during the village scenes, singing about the small town and smaller people. However, when she was in the castle, she was a bit … off. For example, during Be Our Guest she was just sitting there and smiling. As if in a photo shoot. Okay, i know the food carnival was all CGI, but look alive, girl! You are a fantastic actress!


For the last few weeks, I saw on my Twitter timeline how Luke and Josh Gad went all out to promote the film all over the world. And they delivered spectacular experiences on their own. It was understandable how they were put on the front line of this film, instead of Emma and Dan (Stevens, not Radcliffe).

Both Gaston and LeFou were stealing the film! Probably they both had the most improvement in their character. Gaston had his dark backstory, and LeFou was more than just the comic character. Here I found the development for Gaston is amazing.






When we were introduced to the character Gaston, he was wearing this tan jacket with military accent on it. The clothing gave a symbolism that he was a war hero and he was human with all the flaw. Later in the tavern, he was put on the famous blood red jacket. It seemed to show that the buffoon had morphed to this blood-thirsty monster.


Allow me to talk a little bit about Luke Evans. There was a little pride in me, when I saw him being spectacular as Gaston. I remember when I first fell in love with him in …. either The Three Musketeers as Father Aramis or Immortals as Zeus. Yes, he was pleasant to look at, but there was also this charm in him that made me couldn’t take my eyes off Luke. I started to sort-off following his films, from Tamara Drewe, Clash of the Titans, Fast & Furious 6, The Raven, I even went to see Dracula Untold. It was appalling, yet Luke delivered a spectacular performance as Dracula. Both him and his fangs.

Did you know that Luke owned a pair of adorable canine fangs?


Then I discovered that he started his career in theatre, and he loves to sing. He even sang in some of Fast Six premieres. How adorable is that? Then he revealed that he was cast as Gaston for the live action of Beauty and the Beast, and … damn, I knew he would be awesome doing the things he loved.

And I was right. He really had a good time making this film, and it was clearly shown on his face that he loved every second of it. Well done, Luke!

Over all, this was a beautiful tale as old as time, with more completed story. Even though it was darker than the animated version, but it gave a perfect connection with its predecessors, Cinderella, Maleficent, and The Jungle Book.


I feel like starting a collection here.